Together with Truus Huijbregts, visual artist living and working in the Lionserpolder,  I’m organising the FeltWalk project. The word FeltWalk is already explaining what the project is all about: it is a combination of felting and walking, intended for people who wants to experience the tangible landscape of the Lionserpolder. The sloping environment of the land can be experienced during the walk and through making with wool, a connection with the micro relief of the land can be felt through the fingers.

Our FeltWalk project was spotted by the internet broadcastshow of the province of Fryslan, Finster of Fryslan, in the month October of 2017. Unfortunately the weather was really bad during the filming so the environment of the Lionserpolder is scarsely to be seen. The project will start in the summer of 2018 in collaboration with Natuurmonumenten. Next to the film you can find information about  the FeltWalks on http://www.tekensvanhetland.nl/feltwalks.html. To be continued.

Filmpje TEKENS VAN HET LAND door Finster op Fryslan

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