Art Residence Äskhult, Sweden

For years now, I’m visiting old heritage farmsteads attracted by their cultural heritage, local history and natural environment. It always seems clear to me dwellers in the past knew exactly where to find their livelihood!

Obviously dwelling is connected with hard labour, the taskscape of former and present dwellers. Thanks to their work and maintenance remarkable landscapes still remains. Human interventions are always related to specific conditions, opportunities and limitations of landscape. Therefore each landscape contains specific stories and I can’t wait to unfold them!

That’s way I’m really happy to participate in the Art Residence of Äskhult, Zweden. Invited by Art Inside Out in collaboration with the county of Halland (sept.- nov. 2018). The current compilation in Äskhult of an unique historic agricultural landscape, a precious archive, still on-going farming, farming equipment and artefacts is for me a great opportunity to bring forward my artistic research with alternative cartographic strategies showing the connection between human and earth.

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