Feltworkshops Lionserpolder

Farmstead ‘Groot Battens’ and surrounding agricultural land in the Lionserpolder. It seems as if there is a little pond out there next to the farm. In the 19e century, the fertile terp ground has been excavated and sold. Nowadays the pond is a good spot for meadow birds. This is due to a crashed pump. Drone photo: Vincent Lublink.

Story of Landscape

The uniqueness of the landscape of the Lionserpolder can be told in several stories. Characteristic patterns of ditches winding their way through green agricultural lands, the relief made of small dikes. Still, the landscape is not just a romantic story and the making of landscape sometimes seems like a black page in our history. I rather consider black sites as back sites of landscape and they can be explored!

Feltworkshops Lionserpolder

Now you have the possibility to experience the landscape of the Lionserpolder from the inside. A combination of landscape experience, by walking, driving around by car, hearing stories about the making and maintaining of agricultural lands and of course the making of landscape with felt. Felting skills are not especially needed to make your experienced story of landscape visible in felt.

3-day Workshop on 7 t/m 8 July and a 1-day workshop ‘Feltwalks’ will be organized on 14 or 15 July led by Truus Huijbregts, Cora Jongsma and a Forrester of Natuurmonumenten. Dutch spoken.

Link to subscription Feltworkshops Lionserpolder

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