LJOCHTSTILL art project in de Alde Feanen, Friesland


Ljochtstill is focussing on the value, stillness, characteristics and vulnerability of landscape through art and craftsmanship. During the summer of 2018 glass ateliers are distributed through the village of Earnewâld and functioning as artist studios. Visitors are able to see practising artists as well as special exhibitions unfolding the Ljochtstill topics.

Form 13 July up to 31 July  (di-wo-za and zo from 13.30 til 17.30) I will do research for the vulnerable layers of this peat landscape with felt. You can find me in the centre of Earnewâld at ds. Offermansweg, right behind the church on the green meadow next to the water. Official opening: 13 July at 16.30.

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