Places of Interest | Parcels Siderius


Between the village of Earnewâld and camping Simmerwille you can find my second place of interest. With farmer Jelle Siderius I visited this parcels. From 1984 up til next year he owned these low situated meadows. Choosing this parcels I was confronted and fascinated with the contrast of small shaped irregular meadows close to the newly made peat hole shaped area. On the photo, Siderius is pointing at the spot of the former border of these parcels.

On Sunday morning, we met again and I also invited my neighbours of the ds Offerhausweg for a cup of coffee. Talking with them we interchanged thoughts of dwelling in this fast-changing environment. For me, focused on agricultural land, I did not kept my eye on the village of Earnewâld itself. For them, their dwellingplace is the centre of their environment. To stress this I got a booklet with old photographs of Earnewâld to look at (Earnewald yn 100 âlde oansichten, H. en R. Hollema, 2000). Below a picture of the concrete bridge at the end of the ds Offerhausweg (my working spot) build in 1939 and already removed after 40 years of service.

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