Preparations | Funen


Not being around in the countryside of Funen and yet preparing is giving me a remarkable experience. It is a kind of map making that allows me to contact the environment of my upcoming journey. Not only topographical names like Vissenbjerg, Ravnebakke, Kalbjergtorn are becoming part of my reality also their geological genesis.

RESEARCH FOR VISSENBJERG SOUTH KAME REGION (feltscapes below 130 x 100 cm)

This sequential model for a supraglacial landscape is visualizing the genesis of a dead-ice environment with a kame and hummocky topography. Although this model is made for a glacier margin of Ko ̈tlujo ̈kull, South Iceland, I think it gives a pretty good idea of the geological processes of Funens past.

Past Glacial Environments (Second Edition), 2018, Supraglacial Environments, p. 161, A. Schomacker  and  I.O. Benediktsson.

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