Repelen en Roten | Wool Flax V


It was quite fun to grow flax into my small city garden. First to see the flax flowering after a period of struggling with jackdows and afterwards to harvest two small bundles of flax grown through the surface of felt. Waiting for the right moment of harvesting and testing the exact moment of stopping the roting process gave me a little bit of the agricultural feeling. Hence the unexpected surprises I don’t want to be a cityfarmer again next year, after all there is an empty place for months now in my garden. How ugly! Lets scale up this project in the future in a more suitable landscape!

The process of making flax fibers is a craftsmanship that can be exercised using several methods. To get the feeling of having a little bit control of this craft I have read the PhD thesis; “De Vlasserij in het Nederlands in de eerste helft van de twintigste eeuw” of A.P.J. Brouwers (1957).

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