Clearing Forest


Dwelling on a tractor-pulled land, cleared with just a horse, swing chain, mattock and crow bar. Just a century ago. Logging: ring-barking trees, grabbing, burning trees, the land, the hill, the forest. As a result, straight boundaries remain.

Don’t we all dwell on cleared soil?

The loss to the state in the absolute destruction of the forest is a matter of grave responsibility to those who carry it out or even countenance it any way…Forests are the natural regulator of climate and, therefore, it is man’s duty to see that no action of his, in regard to these, leads to any disarrangements of nature’s balance…I claim therefor that the forest reserve question should not always be dominated by that of the popular cry, ‘the settlement of the land’.

Source; J.E. Brown, Western Australian Conservator of Forest, 1896, in a Report on the Forests of Western Australia.

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