Burning | Australian Soil


Before new horizons appear in my landscape research, flashing back to the old one’s is accompanied by memories. Last week I finished a new feltscape in which I applied GPS mowing tracks, made and collected by one of the last remaining dairy farmers of Margaret River region. Dairy farmers are like their colleges in the Netherlands a dying race. Back for months now my mind is often wandering through all my memories of my residency at The Farm Margaret River. Not strange since news of the huge burnings on Australian soil was keeping my eye caught. Maybe now the rain is torturing both nations soil my thoughts are able to wander elsewhere.

East side of the paddock, south side heading up.

This work refers to Australian first settlers wishing to cultivate dark, chocolate, fertile soil and my experience of not always getting what you want.

Circular movements around current trees.
GPS mowing tracks of the clearing 882.
Turning point on the paddock.

Materials: wool of Drents heath sheep, Australian Merino sheep and shimmering artificial fibres, stretched on a wooden frame, 200 x 110 cm.

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