Goodmorning Mr. Hofstede


It took some time before I accepted the impact of the covid-19 restrictions for international traveling and the big impact of it on my artist practice. Getting the opportunity to explore new landscapes, encountering dwellers and doing research for their connection with cultivated soil through participating in art residencies was always inspiring to me. It seemed to me it is much more exciting to research unknown places rather than my own. Now I need to embrace my own environment, my house, neighbours, town and forest.


So, I start a new project and this morning I met Mr. W.H. Hofstede, former resident of Assen and above all founder of the Asserbosch. In the 18th century he designed this Sterrebos and created a forestry area on behalf of the Landscape of Drenthe. This forest is my running area and I will investigate this local environment like I explored unknown places.

Memorial of Willem Hendrik Hofstede, founder of the Asserbosch, 1725- 1796. The memorial is constructed with boulders pushed towards Drenthe with the force of ice in the Elster ice age (475.000-410.000).

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