Holly and Oak Thickets


I will get straight to the point and start writing unambiguously.

I wonder if it is possible to find the sketches you made for the Nieuwe Plantagie. These sketches would enable me to get in contact with you. To experience your considerations and thoughts of the allocation of axis and sightlines. In those days the landscape must have been very chaotic, depleted and deforested since you wanted to design a tree plantation for the Landscape of Assen. Finding these sketches, or maybe designs of the Nieuwe Plantagie in the archive would be the best way to get in contact with you. I would like to answer many questions with researching these sketches. For example: why did you not include the Kloosterbos situated at the east side of the Bosbeek, the oldest forest part with the holly and oak thickets, into your plan? What inspired you to design a Sterrebos, did you have an example, was it in response of a trip to France? Probably more questions will follow.

Hopefully, I am able to find any of these documents that can give me an answer.

Your sincerely,

Cora Jongsma, Landscape Researcher with Soft Mapping Practice

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