Lingering in Långbyn


The first period of this residency is finished, the second starts in the very last week of April until the end of Mai. An exploratory landscape study of the agricultural landscape of Långbyn will be the starting point of new feltscapes.

Långbyn hill

Together with our hosts and international group of artists Isabella Mazzanti (Italy) Marina Jacob (Germany) Kollectiv Experimental Setup (Austria) and Diane Landry (Canada) we checked out the region of Örebro Lan.

Tour in Norra


Hosted on a farm on the rural country side of Örebro I encountered a barren arable land waiting for the spring to arrive, melting streams, bushy meadows surrounded by chalk pine forest and heaps of local wool of Helsingerfår! How much more can I wish? These impressions of the first period of research offer me a perfect base for my soft mapping practice.

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