Shaking Fibers | ‘t Waar

Feltscape "Shaking Fibers" materials: Hay of Barlagerpolder & Wool of Schoonebeeker Lam and coloured Merino, 
210 x 160 cm. 


This summer, in my search for local fibers I went to ‘t Waar in the region Oldambt. Sheep from the Noorderlicht herd help the owner and nature manager Staatsbosbeheer with the maintenance of the Barlagerpolder nature reserve during the autumn season. I collected wool of this herd and made a new feltscape in which I processed shaken hay from the hayfield. This art-based research project is a pilot project for new feltscapes of agricultural fields in Oldambt.


Probably one of the tiniest nature reserves in the Netherlands is located in the region Oldambt, ‘t Waar, in the province of Groningen. Positioned in the corner of the Termunterzijldiep and the Buiten Nieuwediep you can find a small polder consisting of 8 parcels and low-situated water created by excavating clay.

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