Dikes | Joya Air


Here in the gulch, where the water once flowed strongly, dikes have been built. Retaining water is important to limit damage from drought and excess water. The source of life and its power should never be underestimated. That is why people built several dikes there. How much I don´t know. I only walked a few kilometres through the gulch to experience that there is no running water. The riverbed has become a path of obstacles of stacked stones that, like ruins, refer to a time that existence was still full of life.

Within my artistic research process, I always try to find parallels between making felt and land cultivation. Inspired by the traces in the surface of land, cultivation and the entanglement of humans and soil, I keep my artistic work going. Now, during this residency in the mountains of Andalusië, I will research the loss of the most essential material part of my work: wool. This experience is a demarcation of my grieving process, made visible in my artistic work, since the passing of my dear husband. 

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