Filling Voids


Contribute to strengthening an unsustainable situation ————————–Becoming a bricklayer——————————————————————————————Making a positive contribution in a negative mould ——————Taking care of wounds —————————————Doing unfinished business——————————————————————————–Hopeless and without end——————————————————Plugging up past events—————————————-Restoring lines of cement between stones———————————————–

Within my artistic research process, I always try to find parallels between making felt and land cultivation. Inspired by the traces in the surface of land, cultivation and the entanglement of humans and soil, I keep my artistic work going. Now, during this residency in the mountains of Andalusië, I will research the loss of the most essential material part of my work: wool. This experience is a demarcation of my grieving process, made visible in my artistic work, since the passing of my dear husband. 

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