Feltscape | Soft Mapping Practice


Cartography is one of the oldest forms of media. The practice of making maps is an ongoing process of making and remaking how we understand and interact with our world.

The maps of felt I create – so-called Feltscapes – are based on the history of origin and topical issues of cultural landscapes. These alternative soft maps are cartographic visualisations of the micro-relief of the landscape made out of wool and the process of felt making. For me, knowledge of cultivation and maintaining land is a condition to make feltscapes.


Like landscape, felt also exists out of a stratification showing a meshwork of traces. For me, landscape is a continually unfolding story. The landscape’s surface tells or describes the chronicle of life, housing and work. Applying my method –Matterscape, Taskscape, Feltscape – gives the opportunity to map the characteristics of landscape and provide new empathy, interpretation and awareness of landscape. Entangled with the making of feltscapes is the research for the cultural-historical dynamics of landscape, related to the ensemble of tasks of farmers and caretakers.