Feltscape | Mapping


The maps of felt that I create – the so called Feltscapes – are based on scientific and historical data. These alternative maps are cartographic visualisations of the micro-relief of landscape made out of wool and the process of felt making. For me, knowledge of cultivation and maintaining land is a condition to make feltscapes. In this accumulation of knowledge, I am looking for parallels between the process of the making of land and felt.


Like landscape, felt also exists out of a stratification showing a meshwork of traces. For me, landscape is a continually unfolding story. The surface of landscape tells or describes the chronicle of life, housing and work. Applying my method –Matterscape, Taskscape, Feltscape – gives the opportunity to map the characteristics of landscape and provide new empathy, interpretation and awareness of landscape. Entangled with the making of feltscapes is the research for the cultural-historical dynamics of landscape, related to the ensemble of tasks of farmers and caretakers.