The project Lionserpolder is about doing research for the history of a former march plain landscape. For ages  farmers are using the remarkable formed plots for grass production. Nowadays Natuurmonumenten is managing the lower parts of the polder, making them suitable for meadow birds. My scientific research for the making and maintaining of the Lionserpolder is connected with the making of feltcapes. The mutability of the agricultural lands is discussed by using these cartographic visualisations made of felt during conversations with farmers of this polder.

The Lionserpolder is situated in a triangle of the hamlets Lions, Baard and Jorwerd. About 15 km south to Leeuwarden, the capital of the province of Friesland, up in the north of the Netherlands. You can visit this polder by walking the Jacobspaad as a part of the famous pilgrimage route to Santiago the Compostella.