The Farm Margaret River | Landversations


Intrigued by the superfast cultivation activities of British colonists and the fire stick farming skills of Aboriginals in Pre-colonial Australia, I researched the enormous transformation of Australian landscape and the harmful consequences for the fragile Australian soil.

Feltscape Residual Paddock with mowing tracks made by local dairy farmer Tim Garstone.


Coming from the northern hemisphere I encountered new land with other rules and conditions. Being on unknown territory I felt sometimes like one of the first pioneers, ignorant but curious about farming methods and farming tasks. Through the making of feltscapes and landversations, stories could be told and shared.

Landversations with dwellers, members of the Historical Society Margaret River, farmers and other landowners, artists, an organic soil specialist were made. Along with the reading of books like; Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe, Invisible Country by Bill Bunbury, The Edge of Memory by Patrick Nunn and Pioneer Daughter, a diary written by Fanny Bussell.

The opportunity to bring forward my research for the mutability of the micro relief of land was made possible by The Farm Margaret River and Art Source. October – November 2019