Funen | Unfold Stories


Nowadays the sustainability of Danish agriculture is discussed and habitats and landscapes must be preserved for future generations. Making visible the connection of farmers with their land, the input of new stories can be necessary for the political debate of sustainable food production in the municipality of Assens.

Break down walls so light illuminates the past and new plans can unfold.


Talks with several farmers made clear intensive pig farming doesn’t have a future. Inventive, brave farmers connected with their animals and land, like in a triangle, are needed to make steps towards a more sustainable, biological pig farming. Working side by side with nature, growing less pigs and cultivating more divers crops within the margins of their own property.

Photo’s are showing traces of farmer labour in a kame and hummocky landscape; harrowing, remains of hedges as a consequence of enlargement of parcels, drainage of puddles, small ponds, deforesting, boulders deposits along the fringes of the fields.

The opportunity to bring forward my art based research for the ever-changing agricultural micro-relief was given by the Assens Arts Council, Denmark, Air Assens, September 2019.