Gardening in Felt

Meshworks with flax and wool

When cutting the grass in my enclosed city garden and looking forwards to see them grow and flowering again, I was overwhelmed by a kind of similarity in the making of new wool experiments and the discovery of fresh new leaves, popping up above the soil.

Since my experience with the use of flax meshed with wool, in the feltscapes of Äskhult, I’m triggered to do more experiments using both fibres. Not only to make meshworks with ready made fibres but also trying to intertwine them both in a more ‘natural’ way. While working in the garden, it’s possible that spring is exciting me a bit, I decided to make a connection between gardening and felting. To regard the soft surface of wool as a seed bed for seeds of flax. I wonder if nature is allowing me to grow flax into felt and if my cultivating skills are sufficient. We will see!

So, I planted seeds of flax in cultivated wool surfaces and took them outside into the garden.

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